SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.

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SignalZ is an IoT platform for translating sensor data into relevant information for process improvement and required (preventive) action.

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The digital factory of the future.

Machines, factories and sensors. They provide a wealth of information on a daily basis.
But what do you do with it?

Connect your assets to SignalZ and start monitoring and optimizing your processes.

IoT in practice.


Connect sensors. Compare and analyze.

Analyze and visualize data from Internet-of-Things sensors using smart algorithms.

Raw materials are expensive.
Real-time monitoring of your production process makes it possible to save costs and eliminate wastage.

Predictive maintenance.
SignalZ helps you not to carry out maintenance too early (preventively) or too late (correctively), but at the right time. Data is used to predict the most suitable moment for maintenance.

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What is SignalZ?

SignalZ is an IoT platform for translating sensor data into relevant information for process improvement and required (preventive) action.

Connect: Sensors and machines from various brands can be connected to the SignalZ platform. Consider LoRa, PLC, 4G, 5G, NB-IOT, etc.

Analyze: We analyze your data using smart algorithms. Data specialists can add algorithms themselves. (R and Python)

Visualize: The incoming sensor data can be viewed directly in SignalZ. The data is exported to Excel at the touch of a button.

Notify: Set notifications. You will be notified automatically if certain values are exceeded or exceeded.

Why choose SignalZ?

SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.


Raw sensor data can be retrieved immediately. New data is automatically detected.

SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.


Data can easily be exchanged with Excel, Power BI or other systems. Use Python and / or R to add smart algorithms yourself.

SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.


SignalZ runs entirely in the cloud and works on desktop, tablet and mobile. We use modern technology to offer an optimal user experience.

SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.


SignalZ is used daily to monitor factories and sensors around the world.


SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.

Monitoring of waste water treatment #smartwater

Remotely monitor the performance of various (waste) water treatment plants throughout the world? It's possible with SignalZ.

By adding smart algorithms, data from different wastewater treatment plants can be compared with each other.

What is the current pollution? How can the process be further optimized?

Smart monitoring; for a sustainable world and a better environment.

SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.

Analyze engine performance in vessels

Which vessels are part of the fleet, how do the engines perform and which version of the firmware is active on a vessel?

How can the settings of the engine be adjusted for maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption?

By applying sensors and reading data from the engines, the above questions can be answered.

SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.

Optimize the productivity of welding robots
#smartwelding #smartindustry

Various steps in the production process have been automated in the welding plant of the future.

But how do the welding robots perform, are there unnecessary delays in the process? How can we predict defects on the basis of historical data?

The collection of (sensor) data is essential. By applying machine learning, pattern recognition is possible and possible defects can be predicted. (predictive maintenance)

SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.

Digital Twin.

#asset management #iot

Use SignalZ to monitor and maintain assets around the world. Combine real-time information from the field with documentation and product models.

Sensor data. Immediate insight:
- Compare data with other data sources.
- Export the data to Excel, PDF and PNG.
- Link the data to Microsoft Power BI.

Business intelligence.
Data science.

SignalZ has an integrated BI environment with which you can assemble dashboards yourself.

Collect sensor data and convert raw data into meaningful information.

Every BI dashboard in SignalZ is made up of different visualization blocks.

There is support for KPIs, PDF and Excel reports, interactive charts, maps and R and Python algorithms.

SignalZ for you.

Machine and sensor suppliers

Let your machines perform optimally by monitoring them with the SignalZ platform.

Connect your sensors to SignalZ to offer immediate added value.


Become a SignalZ partner and enrich your domain knowledge with a state-of-the-art IoT platform with which you can serve your customers.

Want to become a partner too? Please contact us.

IoT data specialists

Use SignalZ as a real-time monitoring platform. Develop unique dashboards and algorithms for specific applications.

Please contact us for a demo.




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SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.


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